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Chat with 10,198+ remote workers in 289 cities

As a member of Nomad List, you get access to Nomad List Chat, a mobile, desktop and web chat app that lets you talk to 10,198+ other travelers in 289 cities. It's also accessible as a Slack group or IRC chat. There's been 1,461,718 messages sent since its inception in late 2014 making the chat the most used part of Nomad List by far.

Imagine landing in Hong Kong, you exit the plane, get your data SIM card and jump in a taxi. While driving you open our chat and join #hong-kong on your phone, you ask what's the best place to stay and where it's located. You show the driver the address from the chat. You check in to your hotel and ask the chat what's the best place to do some work. Then after finishing your work, you ask if anyone other travelers are up for a meet up. At the end of the night, you've met new people, both travelers and locals, and you feel a little bit more home in your new (temporary) destination.

That's one of the daily use-cases of Nomad List. Being a remote worker is awesome. But it's also a very individualistic lifestyle. We need people around us in the same boat to share the good and bad with. Since sometimes, life on the road can get a bit lonely and confusing.

If you're not a digital nomad yet, it can be pretty hard to understand how to go about doing this. And scary. It can help to talk to people that are doing it right now to make you feel a little more certain about what you're about to experience.

Plan your travels and meet other travelers

Want to plan your travels? You can use Nomad List People, which is a trip planner that shows you where other travelers are and alerts you when you'll be in the same place as them.

It lets you see which destinations in the world are most popular in the coming months, so you can better pick the places you want to go. You also get an interactive map to keep track of all your previous and future trips.

It also syncs with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The people you are friends with or follow on there are automatically tracked on your dashboard.

United States

Attend 250+ annual meetups all around the world

You also get to attend all our meetups. Nomad List users organize 1,000+ meetups and get togethers per year in 250+ cities all over the world. They're a fun way to get to know other travelers in a place when you arrive. They range from officially organized meetups by us to getting together for coffee or drinks more informally. When you're in a city, you can ask in the city's chat if anyone's up to meet.

They vary from 50 people in SΓ£o Paulo to almost 200 in Chiang Mai, depending on the popularity of a place.

I’m a U.S. accountant who works with Americans who live abroad, ask me anything!

Hi everyone, if you have a U.S. tax question or would like some U.S. tax insight on your business/structure, ask away! I have been preparing tax returns for US citizens abroad since 2012. I can answer any question in US tax with an international flavor.

I look forward to answering all your questions!

"My wife and I are in Buenos Aires right now. Starting this whole nomad thing felt 100x easier once I joined Nomad List and saw other people just... doing it."

"I gave my two weeks notice last week, and I'm flying to Portugal in two weeks. It's important to say (for the ninth time) that joining Nomad List was the best decision I made to best inform and prepare myself for this decision. So thank you a million times over!"

"You're going to be lonely sometimes and that's okay. One way I combat this is by being a part of Nomad List and meet up with other travelers."

"Just a quick fun note to let you know that you have another Nomad List romance success story. I met my current boyfriend at a meetup I set up through you guys."

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